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Swedish Artist Million Stylez Voices His Frustration With The Current State Of Dancehall

Over the last few years both the lyrical content and images within Jamaica's dancehall music industry has deteriorated to a truly awful state. More or less naked women can be seen in most of the trending music videos performing despicable acts, while the men overtly brag about killing each other.

The stench of what is going on in Jamaica's dancehall has gotten so bad that even dancehall artists from other countries are talking about it. Hence the new release from Swedish producer Partillo and recording artist Million Stylez.

Both men are sharing a much needed song titled "Inna Di Dancehall." On the record, Stylez says: "too much badness a gwan inna di dancehall - nuff slackness a gwan inna di dancehall." He makes it clear from very early in the song that he intends to burn-out some of the things that he is seeing. And he did! He goes on to say: "some likkle gal a dance like a big go-go - yu serious, that is a big no no."

For his part, Partillo, who is known and respected for the works he has done with artists such as Sean Paul, Yellowman and Chronixx, delivered a banging dancehall rhythm that is sure to resonate with listeners.

This song is already being labelled as controversial because some who have heard it believes that these issues should be tackled by a Jamaican artist as oppose to a foreigner. That being said, the reality is that whatever is happening on the Jamaican music scene usually spills into other communities around the world.

This is what Million Stylez has to say about "Inna Di Dancehall" and all the debate surrounding the song: "There is too much slackness and negativity in contemporary music in general, from hip-hop, dancehall to pop. Its all about acting stupid and doing extreme stuff like drinking til you drop, do drugs, have sex with whoever and whenever. That is what the youths are listening to today. I wanted to make a conscious song on a real dancehall riddim that you also can dance to, with an uplifting message without negativity, violence or degrading words about women.”

"Inna Di Dancehall," which comes to us courtesy of Scandinavian reggae-dancehall label Rudeboy Records, will be officially released on Friday, March 12th.

Text by: Maria Jackson

Pictures: Kaye Productions

It's a Rudeboy Record!

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