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World Star Sean Paul is featured on Etzia’s new single ‘Let My Spirit Fly’!

Yes, you read it right. Etzia from Gothenburg, Sweden, is accompanied by Sean Paul from Kingston, Jamaica. On Friday the 17th of April, dancehall artist Etzia’s song ‘Let my Spirit Fly’ will finally release, featuring world star Sean Paul — the man who’s been at the top of the lists for 20 years time with hits such as ‘Get Busy’, ‘Gimme the Light’ and ‘No Lie’.

It was in march, last year, when Etzia traveled to Kingston with the producer Partillo. The day after their arrival they went to Sean Paul’s home in order to start recording. When the instrumental of Let My Spirit Fly starts it doesn’t take many seconds until Sean starts spittin’ melodies and words. A couple of hours later the song was finished and before Etzia and Partillo went back to Gothenburg they took the opportunity to appear on Jamaican television and radio. Shortly thereafter the debut album “Motivation” was released, whose singles were played diligently on Jamaican radio and took a fifth place on the Jamaican Reggae Top 25-list.

This single is a freedom song dedicated to people struggling with their inner battle. In these times, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, Let My Spirit Fly inspires hope and understanding for the individual and world we live in. Even if the song was made almost a year ago, it feels more relevant today than ever.

100% Indie

The song is released by the Malmö based label Rudeboy Records together with Etzia’s own Mambia. Behind the production is producer Patrik ‘Partillo’ Alexandersson who has delivered hits on the international but mainly Swedish and international reggae scene for decades, where he produced artists such as Chronixx, Kapten Röd and Daniel Lemma.

“We want to take this as far as it can go, in our own way” says Etzia. They swiftly realized that in order to operate such a big apparatus, the right team, where every essential compentence was represented, was needed — where every person had to do what they did best — and instead of dealing with all of it alone, be inviting and look to collaborate. “The process has been long, the work has been hard and every day we have had to learn things we didn’t even know existed. But now as we approach the end, it has been worth it. Every day of the week.”

World premiere of the video on thursday with 'Reggaeville'

Together with the magazine Reggaeville.com we are going to have a world premiere pre-release of the video this Thursday (18th april) at 20:30 CEST / 2:30pm ET. Watch the video on the link below and make sure to share and support.



Etzia ft. Sean Paul - Let My Spirit Fly

Artists: Etzia ft. Sean Paul

Written by: Erica Haylett, Sean Paul Henriquez

& Patrik Alexandersson

Produced by: Partillo

Mixed by: Partillo Productions

Mastered by: Johan Åkerström, Cosmos Mastering

Cover by: Patrik Bruzelius

Music Video by: Dennis Marko, Patrik Bruzelius

Label: Rudeboy Records (www.rudeboymgm.com)

Release date: 17.04.2020

MGMT/BOOKINGS: Dennis Marko, dm@rudeboymgm.com

PR: Robin Banks, pr@rudeboymgm.com


Etzia will perform live on stream tis saturday at 8pm CEST / 2pm ET.

Watch it on the link below.


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